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EDI trends in the World: 18 billion e-invoices

Billentis has issued its new annual “E-invoicing Report 2013” revealing many interesting facts about the topic. In 2012, approximately 350 billion invoices were exchanged worldwide. Only 18 billion (5%) of all those invoices are electronic, so the potential is tremendous. The annual growth rate for e-invoices in 2013 is estimated to be at least 20%.

The key to fast e-invoice adoption in a given country is usually public sector initiative. 100% of enterprises and households receive invoices from the public sector, about 50% of all companies are suppliers to the public sector. Unfortunately, public sector often belongs to the laggards, despite the huge saving potential - 40 billion Euro in Europe alone.

Denmark is the EDI leader in Europe, as it was the first country in 2005 where the public sector declared e-invoices mandatory. Brazil, Chile and Mexico belong to the leading EDI countries worldwide.

Many private sector companies, when adopting e-invoicing with their B2B partners, charge penalties for paper invoices in range of EUR 5-25 per document. This has proven to be the most effective way of achieving quick adoption of e-invoices among trade partners.

Bruno Koch, the author of the report, points out that e-invoicing projects should be easy to defend in management, as switching to e-invoices can result in savings of 60-80% compared to traditional paper-based processing and the average project payback period is only 6 months to 1.5 years.

Read more about e-invoicing diffusion rates in different countries,  onboarding your trade partners, building a business case for adopting e-invoices and much more interesting here:

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EDI in the Baltic States: 30% growth continues in 2013

By the end of 2012, most Baltic retailers had implemented ability to use electronic orders and invoices. Rimi, Selver and Prisma Estonia have the largest EDI document shares of all transaction documents - 90% of Prisma’s orders and 65% of invoices are exchanged electronically. ABC Supermarkets and OG Elektra chains transfer more than 50% of orders and invoices electronically. Other chains, such as Palink, Norfa, Aibe, and Top! are keenly following, the EDI usage rates still being lower. ETK in Estonia is developing their systems for integrated EDI implementation by the end of 2013. Maxima is also finalizing its full-scale EDI implementation.

In the first half of 2013 several retail chains revealed their plans to move on with the more advanced 4-document supply process. Besides orders and invoices two additional document types are exchanged electronically: despatch advice and receiving advice.

In the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector Selver has been using  four EDI documents with its frozen goods suppliers since 2010. Lately Rimi Baltic has taken the lead in promoting 4-document supply process implementation. Starting in May 2013 Rimi distribution center in Lithuania is no longer issuing paper receiving advices, only electronic ones. In Do It Yourself (DIY) sector in Estonia Bauhof has been joined by Optimera, Rautakesko, Decora and others, together they are connected to close to 200 DIY suppliers.

The growth in electronic document traffic and interest in EDI project implementation indicate that more and more companies are willing to optimize their processes and become more efficient. Trading companies have realized that electronic document interchange helps them save time, avoid mistakes, increase revenues and customer satisfaction throughout the entire supply chain. The end of 2013 will bring a continuous growth in EDI at a pace of 20-30%, in particular, Latvia and Lithuania will feel the accelerating change.

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Telema - numbers and goals

During the first half of 2013 Telema has continued its steady growth. The number of EDI documents exchanged through Telema System from January to June was almost 5 million, representing an  increase of 22% compared to same period in 2012.  The growth was fastest in Latvia, where our clients exchanged 40% more documents than the year before. Revenue grew in line with the documents and was supported by a strong and stable number of contractual customers. Telema has customers from total of 14 countries, majority are based in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

In total, about 20 different EDI document types are being exchanged through Telema System, most widely used are electronic orders and invoices.

For 2013 we have set ourselves a goal to make Telema services more accessible and easy to use. Adding new user friendly features to our services, improving client support and communication are all part of the plan.
For 2013 Telema major focus areas are:
  1. Telema Certified Partners project - to build the Telema EDI Module into most widely used business softwares for faster, easier and cost-efficient way of joining EDI through Telema network. During the first half of 2013 five additional partners were added, raising the total count to 11.
  2. Out-of-Box Service development allowing our customers to use more and more self service functionality and for our helpdesk to fasten activation process of new customers.
  3. Tightening the network - promoting the exchange of various electronic documents with more and more partners within the existing network to benefit even more from the services and enhance partnerships.

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Telema network expansion: new EDI enabled trade partners in 2013

The total number of EDI documents exchanged through Telema network during the first half of 2013 was nearly 5 million, increasing by more than 22% compared to last year. More than 3000 shops and over 1000 suppliers exchange their documents through Telema.
In 2013, majority of new clients who have joined the network are from the DIY sector. It is the second biggest retail sector (after FMCG) that started EDI implementation at the end of 2011. Today hundreds of DIY suppliers and large DIY chains like Bauhof, Optimera, Rautakesko, Senukai are either already using or planning to implement electronic document interchange. There is lot of interest in DIY sector in Latvia regarding EDI implementation. For example, Mājai un Dārzam chain with 10 shops and Krimelte Latvia SIA on supplier side were connected to Telema network.

Many new FMCG retailers also joined Telema network: Šilas retail chain in Lithuania added 19 shops, in Latvia 65 shops from Iepirkumu Grupa joined Telema network (Mārksmens, Essa, Gabriēla etc), also two new Prisma shops were opened.

The 4Doc supply process is expanding. Besides Selver and Rimi, also other bigger retailers are considering the 4-document model. This is why more and more suppliers are joining Telema network to use Telema WebSupplier4DOC service - 19 in Lithuania (e.g., Kiiltoclean UAB, Kęstutis Jusčius ūkininkas, UAB Birštono Mineraliniai Vandenys), consequently Latvian companies are also in the process of joining. 4Doc supply process is also working well for Bauhof who is attracting numerous suppliers from all over Baltics.

Telema’s VMI network has grown through the addition of many retailers who have technical ability to share their POS data (sales reports): Statoil, Maxima in Estonia and Lithuania, Keila TÜ, Vändra TÜ and Võru TÜ. Telema VMI network can provide access to the POS data of more than 680 shops in the Baltics.

Telema’s complete customer list is available on Telema Website. This allows for the existing and new network members to expand their EDI partnerships easily. Please send the pairing request using our new Telema Service Web request form and EDI document exchange may begin.

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Quicker Helpdesk Requests

In first half of 2013, Telema continued development a customer support process over Telema Service Web that is faster and more convenient. Our customers appreciate the new tool - almost half of the support requests are now received through that channel.  Sending request through Telema Service Web has multiple advantages:
  • There is no need for double entry of contact data
  • All requests are automatically logged and confirmation is sent to issuer
  • It is more secure, simpler and faster:
    • More secure only requests by the authorized users are allowed,
    • Simpler — no need to look up the email address or contact person of Telema helpdesk
    • Faster processing speed of requests increases, as the requests are better classified
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Telema got the highest AAA rating

Krediidiinfo AS, member of Experian Group, awarded Telema with the highest AAA credit rating and a Certificate of a Successful Estonian Company 2013. The Krediidiinfo rating is a company’s unique overall rating which is based on an analysis of the economic and financial situation as well as the payment behaviour of the business. Krediidiinfo rating is a summary grade given to companies.

The rating is expressed by letter combinations and has seven levels from highest AAA to lowest C. The AAA level places Telema among the 0,8% of the best Estonian companies. The superior rating is a strong sign of trustworthiness and solid continuity to clients, partners as well as employees.

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Telema Websuppliers got a new convenient Overview functionality

In June 2013, Telema introduced a new functionality - Overview - for Telema WebSupplier 4DOC product. The Overview functionality enables the users to easily locate all four documents related to one transaction: order, despatch advice, receiving advice and invoice. A transaction is initiated when the order is received, all the succeeding documents will become part of the transaction based on the references in the documents.

To find out how to get the most out of Overview, please look at the detailed user manual available in Telema Service Web.

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Telema MMT - the new Merchandising Module

In April 2013, Telema launched a new module for the Telema MMT solution. The new Telema MMT Merchandising Module enables:
  • recording out-of-stock (OOS) situation with comments;
  • recording the number of product faces on the shelf;
  • recording the retail price of the product to analyse the sales success of products;
  • taking a photo of the layout as proof of the situation.

The new Telema MMT Merchandising module makes gathering significant information easier, helps in finding out the reasons of availability problems and making necessary improvements in supply chain processes. For more detailed information about the new Merchandising Module and general overview of Telema MMT functionality read here.

Should you have any further questions, please contact MMT Product Manager Sven Uustalu at

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Telema VMI – the Automatic Replenishment Order

Telema VMI is the solution enabling Vendor Managed Inventory. Instead of retailers making the orders, supplier has the right to replenish goods based on agreed minimum and maximum levels and sales reports.

In March 2013, Telema developed a new functionality for the Telema VMI service - Automatic Replenishment Order. It allows suppliers to create next order for a given shop by one click in Telema web.  The quantities in the order are automatically calculated either as the difference of the maximum and the current stock levels or as equal to the amount of goods sold since the last delivery.

Using the new functionality, manual work can be decreased by up to 90%, the replenishment process becomes faster and there are fewer mistakes.

New retailers have joined Telema’s VMI network who have technical ability to share their POS data and send sales reports. Statoil, Maxima in Estonia and Lithuania, Keila TÜ, Vändra TÜ and Võru TÜ. Telema VMI network can provide access to the POS data of more than 680 shops in the Baltics.

By connecting to new partners you can get even more out of the VMI service. In order to fully benefit from all VMI features, trading partners need to agree that it will become the  supplier’s responsibility  to make the replenishment decisions independently. To find out more about Telema VMI solutions, please contact the VMI Product Manager Sven Uustalu at

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Telema upgraded its databases to Oracle 11g

In May 2013, Telema upgraded its core database, Oracle into version 11g. The carefully planned upgrade enhanced the system’s security, added memory and improved loading speed. From now on further developments can be carried out easily using Oracle Application Express (APEX) tool.
The major upgrade was executed in cooperation with our partner Elion. The works were finished in 1,5 hours and the normal document traffic was re-established without any errors.

Every month very many new clients join Telema network and the document traffic for existing clients is growing steadily. Recurring service upgrades help us to ensure the quality, security and reliability of the provided services.

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Telema EDI Module now in 11 ERP softwares

During first half of year 2013, five new software support firms have been awarded the Telema Certified Partner diploma (in parentheses the name of the software):
  • Excellent Business Solutions (Books, HansaWorld Enterprise),
  • Directo (Directo),
  • Vallaste & Partnerid (Joosep),  
  • Nixor (NixShop) and
  • New Vision (WinShop).

Being a Certified Partner of Telema allows business software companies to offer their clients a simple, fast and inexpensive EDI connection with over 1000 companies. It also means that the Partner and Telema have agreed on end user activation terms—how long will it take to “switch on” EDI in that software and how much it costs. For example, to activate EDI capability in KMA software Ladu, it takes one business day and is free for the company ordering it. For SAF, it costs 450 euros and takes up to 7 business days. Terms for all 11 Telema Certified Partners can be found here.

Telema EDI Module is in a development phase for Astro Baltics, Latinsoft (LAT) and ELMI (LAT) softwares, moreover there are about 10 projects in negotiations phase. More information about the Certified Partner program you can find  here.

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Conferences and Seminars from January to June 2013

During first half year of 2013, Telema continued spreading the idea of paperless trading processes. Our good cooperation with universities and public sector organizations resulted in various lectures, seminars and conferences on the topic. As a leading EDI operator in the Baltics, Telema has the will and responsibility to educate and develop the market.

For several years Telema has supported TEDx Tallinn helping to spread innovative ideas. This year, TEDx Tallinn took place on May 3 and Telema was one of the sponsors, like usual.

Another seminar, Eesti Konverentsikeskus’  E-invoicing seminar on April 11 gathered those planning to start with e-invoicing so they can learn from others’ experience. Both private as well as public sector organizations got valuable first-hand information from City of Tallinn and G4S Security, to mention a few.

On June 13, 2013 Telema organized a seminar in Riga on EDI trends and Sales Force Automation solutions that was a great success and evoked interesting discussions.

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Since our customer base and each customer’s usage of the services is growing rapidly, we are also constantly strengthening our team.

Telema sales teams in Latvia and Lithuania have new members from the beginning of the year: Sales Assistants IVETA BĻODNIECE in Riga and AKVILE BULAKAITE in Vilnius are responsible for sales and marketing assistance tasks as well as for first level Helpdesk support to local customers.

New people have joined also the development team – GUNNAR KUHI, responsible for software development management, joined Telema in April and Analyst ANTI PUUSEPP in June.

Several Telema employees have successfully finished their studies. Akvile Bulakaite and Raigo Kaldma got their master's degrees in June 2013. Vahur Kaar and Taavi Seppel are now certified Java programmers, after completing their basic Java exam in June. Raul Silde and Sven Uustalu completed their first graduate year studying Supply Chain Management at the Tallinn University of Technology.

To maintain a good equilibrium Telema team is fond of physical activities. In the volleyball tournament  Kõvaketas (March 2013) we were happy to receive the 5th place. In the beginning of June, Telema team was running in Tallinn Old Town to support underprivileged families at charity Rat Race.

Telema employees’ various hobbies include singing, both in a choir and solo, playing music and tennis. We have several motorcyclists, kiteboarders, sky- and underwater divers and even a certified small craft skipper.

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 2012 HY

2013 HY



    850   1 000
  2 900   3 100   +7%

E-supply links*

 50 000

 61 000


Documents, thousands

  4 100

  5 000


*E-supply link is the connection between one supplier and one delivery address (shop)

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