February 27, 2015
27.02.2015 Assako Smart SIA reiceives Telema Certified Partner's status
Telema EDI services are now easily accessible via Latvian business software WinLats. Provider of the software, Assako Smart SIA, officially became Telema Certified Partner on February 26, 2015.
WinLats software has now an integrated Telema EDI Module, meaning that electronic data interchange can easily be done directly from the accounting program. Software users can receive electronic orders and send electronic invoices without having to retype the data manually. EDI makes processes faster for all trade partners as there is no need to send a receive documents via e-mail or on paper.

Telema EDI Module in WinLats software can be activated during one business day and without any additional charge. Easy and cost efficient EDI accessibility is good news to all small and medium sized Latvian companies who are the main customers of Assako Smart.

There are currently 18 Telema Certified Partners in the Baltics, five of them in Latvia: Ankravs, Directo, Elmi, Tilde and now also Assako Smart. Read more about Telema Certified Partners and their activation terms.

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